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Senior Community Service Employment Program

In today’s society, many older Americans are looking for employment and training opportunities in order to make ends meet. The Senior Community Service Employment Program is a federal program that is targeted to assist these individuals with training opportunities and supportive services. This program allows low-income seniors to learn skills while working in local non-profit agencies while earning an income.  SCSEP is a unique program, in that it is one of only three federal workforce development programs that does not overlap with another similar federal program.

Mid-Cumberland WorkForce Services provides case management and training opportunities in order for senior citizens to get back into or remain active in the labor workforce. This community service and work-based program is funded through Tennessee Department of Labor in Macon, Fentress, Cumberland, Jackson and Putnam Counties.

In order to be eligible for SCSEP services, you must be ages 55 or older and be at 125% of the poverty level. If you would like more information on the SCSEP program, or if you would like to see if you are eligible, select the “Request Services” tab and complete a brief questionnaire.