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In 2015, The Pathways to Prosperity Network* conducted an asset mapping of Rutherford County that provided baseline data to enable the development of a strategic plan to support the identified high growth, high demand jobs that are projected through 2025.  The asset map revealed that stakeholders in Rutherford County from across education, business, and government are working to build grades 7-14 career pathways, aligned with the Pathways Tennessee framework and strategic plan, that support young people in the county in attaining their educational and career goals. Key sectors for building pathways aligned with labor-market demand were also identified and include the following 5 STEM fields; advanced manufacturing, construction, health care, information technology and supply chain management.

The Rutherford Works High School Internship Program is a partnership with employers who offer students productive and meaningful work assignments with a learning component ideally related to their area of interest.

The application for the 2018 High School Internship Program has closed.
2018 student and employer resources coming soon.